Cafe Le Select

I didn’t intend to do a story originally. A friend of mine, an editor at MAD Magazine, called to ask if I’d get together with one of their artists who’d just come out with a book (in other words maybe I could put him on TV). We met on the terrasse of the Cafe Select and as soon as I saw his drawings I knew there was a story. Everything he was doing kind of pulled together  a lot of little pieces I’d picked up over the years. Only thing was to get his name right. For the longest time, I swear I thought it was “Dan” Tulka. 

Whatever his name is or was, his story is one of poetic poignancy.


3 responses to “Cafe Le Select

  1. David – what a wonderful essay – absolutely delightful. The use of La Vie En Rose was a) inevitable and b) genius.

    Made me want to move to Paris!

  2. I hope places like this can stay alive. They seem so important to what makes Paris Paris. Lovely…

  3. I *remember* seeing this on “CBS Sunday Morning.” Maybe in 2006? I loved this one… It is so good to see it here again!

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