All the stories you see here – everything was shot, edited, written, produced and starrred in by me. It’s not that I’m THAT vain it’s just the only way i can work and anyway crews and all that equipment are a drag. So what I know is how to work with a small  camera and put together short films.
Big deal, you say?
What if I can teach you some things?
Here’s a very simple idea: everybody shoots family weddings, birthdays, graduations whatever. Yea okay you need those. But that tells you nothing about who these people really are. Instead – pick one day a month — every third Tuesday or the 12 wherever it falls – pick up the camera and shoot. Maybe 10 15 minutes is all you need. If you have a husband/wife/kids — shoot the morning then an evening. If you live alone — what do you do in the morning or during the day at night. Even doing laundry you can set up the camera on any stable surface and get shots loading the dryer. What you’ll have after a year will be two maybe two and a half hours of material showing change – life – whatever but you see something that wouldn’t ordinarily be visible even to your naked eye.
You must remember to LOG THOSE CASSETTES!! just write the date, or dates, you shot it on each one so you can – eventually – cut them together in order.
Next time we’ll get more into how to shoot on your – edit etc. And for god’s sake if you’re going to do a wedding (and you have to) don’t do it alone. Team up with your sister, best friend or a high school buddy of the groom and each of you decide in advance who/what you’re going to cover. Think of it as a football game. Nobody can be everywhere at the same time and three cameras will give you editing options.
More later. There’s a start. Pass it on.



2 responses to “MAKE MOVIES YOURSELF! Part 1

  1. bonsoir, david! dorie sent me to your blog today, so u r stuck with me. who knew i’d be writing to you when i had watched your piece on La Tour on my fave Sunday AM show (i always set my DVR for it.) whenever it aired? going to catch up on all your other work and will get back to u. loved the pic of andy warhol and u…priceless!
    cheerz, gail a/k/a gigi

  2. Workshop PLEASE David!!!
    I want to make movies YOUR way 🙂

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