Part 2 of Making Movies Yourself! EYES…

okay, it’s a sushi dinner

… are very different than lenses.

The eye can isolate an object from several, sometimes hundreds, of yards away. A lens can’t.

See here we are having a sushi dinner. Yea, that’s a family around a table eating …

arm and california rolls plainly visible


hmmm a sushi dinner I suppose with some arms and a t-shirt

But what does sushi look like?

A lens records what’s in front of it without distinguishing “this is important – this isn’t.” So when you see people walking around the Eiffel Tower or the Louvre, eyes glued to a flip screen, what they’re capturing is probably meat sauce…a great colorful field with barely distinguishable chunks of something  floating in it.

They’re excited cause they’re there and they think just spraying the scene with a lens will capture the feeling for a viewer. No.

Just as these three pictures demonstrate you have to isolate the elements for YOURSELF  first (what’s important for you?), then use the lens to capture them so the viewer will FEEL by SEEING them.

By the way when you try to grab shots — the table, the sushi, the Eiffel Tower whatever — stay on them for a while, ten seconds minimum. I can tell you as an editor that what you THINK you got a shot of in the field turns out to be no more than a flash in the editing room. Trust me on this.


One response to “Part 2 of Making Movies Yourself! EYES…

  1. Hey David wanna recommend a camera?

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