The Moment Part 3 of Making Movies Yourself!

I once did a story about a waiter at my local café. During the lunch service, as he waited for the chef to complete an order, I asked him how long his days were. He told me an average of sixteen hours and then another hour of commuting. He wished he could spend more time with his family but – “I pay a mortgage.”
Okay so there’s (I hate this term) “a sound bite” — it reminds me of making dog food instead of a story — anway …

It was good, it was okay, the information was there with a little poignancy but somehow rather flat. I could have stopped there but as the place was closing that evening, he and the staff  were cleaning up. I asked him again “how many hours do you work?” His response this time was just a loud sigh and behind him the bartender said “don’t ask.”


Spontaneous and real.
I can tell an audience the exact figure, they can get it themselves off Wikipedia, but I can’t tell them a feeling and that’s what was conveyed in those few seconds.

You know eventually I’ll get around to digging out all the footage and posting it cause if I’m trying to do a blog about videos and story telling you ought to SEE what I’m talking about … I will and then you can send links to everybody all over again. Thank you.


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