SHOOT WHAT YOU SEE Part 4 of Making Movies Yourself!

I don’t think many people shoot postcards any more – not from the stuff I’m seeing in blogs and YouTube but there’s still a dropped link when it comes to images and story telling: You go to Paris – take pictures of yourself, your family, lover in front of famous places. But usually it’s what happened GETTING there that makes for an interesting story (aka video piece).

If you go to the Eiffel Tower with a video camera don’t just shoot the tower and how tall it looks and riding up and the view from the top. TELL THE STORY OF GETTING THERE …

You had to take the metro and get off at Bir Hakim which is on the #6 line but it seems like no matter where you are in Paris you’re never near the 6 (unless you’re right at the Arc de Triomph.) So shoot the trip to Bir Hakim, get shots of your group/ you trying to figure out what the hell stairway you’re supposed to take to go in the right direction. I always get it wrong . ( just watch for pickpockets when using your camera on the Metro)

Then once you get to Bir Hakim you have a ten minute obstacle course through tourists and a couple dozen people selling: key chains, ice cream, miniature towers, more ice cream, t-shirts, more towers etc. But instead of complaining cause you’re tired and still want to hit two other sites that day — SHOOT. Shoot what you are REALLY SEEING not just that image we all have from a bazillion postcards. Don’t filter, lie, dismiss, ignore — whatever — be there and realise what you’re seeing is the reality of being at the Eiffel Tower!

Now go read Krishnamurti.

(here’s an insider’s tip — the elevators at the tower are actually digital scales. As you get on the car notice at the top over the control panel you’ll see a digital display of Kilograms. Tower officials allow only a certain tonnage at the top at any one time and use the elevators to calculate how much is there.)


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