A Tale of Two Winemakers

I didn’t know what the story was when I started.  I had met one winemaker, Stephane Ogier (http://www.domaine-ogier.fr/), in Paris. The other, Raymond DeVilleneuve I’d heard about – rather I’d heard the legends. Anyway I asked both if I could come down and shoot the harvest.

Okay so there it was: a lot of footage of grape picking and workers and lunches and dinners and no particular story.

It had to have been a little more than a year later I asked my friend  Juan Sanchez who owns La Derniere Goutte www.ladernieregoutte.net/, if he knew someone who could talk about these two wines. I still didn’t know what the story would be but he gave me a name and … well I had no idea that  I was about to discover that a dedicated vigneron crafts a wine with his soul.


8 responses to “A Tale of Two Winemakers

  1. david, this is fabulous and to linkit with the tasting tomorrow is brillant. love,kisses

  2. lisbeth larsen

    David, what a talented man you are. This last post is absolutely wonderful and completing engaging. The Poilane segment, too, was in my mind for many days. Paris files has been thoroughly bookmarked and I look forward to seeing more of your stories.

  3. Now I know why you are one of my heroes. You are brilliant, really. And, did you know I worked w/ Lionel Poilane? big hugs.

  4. Fantastice story about two winemakers Davie!!!

  5. Wonderful capture of the scenes behind the wine making.
    I can never forget picking grapes in Alsace or visiting Napa at harvest.
    It’s the missing element when drinking wine – the message in a bottle.

  6. Great post…good to know more as I guess I have concentrated too much on the drinking of wine rather than the knowledge of it! xv

  7. where is your little cafe dog movie??
    where R U?

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