This Fall I’m going to begin a series of workshops, both in Paris and New York. They’ll be an intensive weekend, four people at a time and at the end they’ll have something they can upload to YouTube.

We’ll cover Lighting, Sound, Setting and Story (which really means editing).

Participants will be expected to have a video camera, lap top, compass and a white cloth napkin.  

More as I work out the details. Any questions, I’m at


4 responses to “THE WORKSHOPS

  1. what kind of video camera do you rec for beginners who would like to take your workshop?
    “Je peux resister a tout sauf a la tentation”
    Oscar Wilde
    Yr really tempting us here.

  2. wow, let me know when it is up and running. IM INTERESTED.

  3. Would love to know more about the Paris workshop when you work out details. Keep us posted!

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