You want to “GRAB AN AUDIENCE!”

No thank you. I hate being grabbed by anyone especially a stranger. You don’t want to grab your audience for the simple reason that then you’ll start thinking about “how to grab them,” which means you’ll start to wonder if they’ll like this shot or if they’d rather see this. You won’t be making the film yourself but for a phantom producer.

What’s the core of your film?

What’s the single most interesting shot (sequence) you have? Start there – then build – put together the elements that excite YOU first then you can go back and be more critical – “this is boring, this too long, maybe people won’t understand this part or it needs more explanation.” That’s fine but whatever you do – FIRST put it together for yourself


4 responses to “You want to “GRAB AN AUDIENCE!”

  1. Visual grabbing is different than physical grabbing
    I try to think this way with my blog.
    First picture HAS to be a ‘grabber’
    Besides it shows up on a lot of other pages as a thumbnail + a link
    I ‘storyboard’ my posts
    With a beginning-middle-end/punchline as much as I can.
    You definitely GRABBED me with your workshop offer
    Do tell more PLEASE

  2. Interesting blog you have here. This is the post I came in on.
    It’s so tempting to work hard on grabbing the audience at the expense of having anything particular to say – because we so want that audience.
    However, I think you’re right – do the work you want or need to do first. The show it.

  3. I like that. me first 🙂 love,kisses

  4. where are you David?
    must be work…I hope it is

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