Don’t know why the embed’s not working.

With many thanks to Phyllis Flick who’s been blogging about adult food for some time now at Paris Notebook, here, for those of you who remember purple-haired ladies and recently paroled cooks slinging beef-sort-a-goulash, here is the French approach to the school lunch.

Aired yesterday on Sunday Morning

11 responses to “THE FRENCH SCHOOL LUNCH

  1. Never mind kids going to school for etiquette and this wonderful food, *I* want to return to school for this lunch. My husband and I have both lived in France and we hooted at the thought of US lunch ladies even having an idea of what to do with fish that did not come frozen and breaded in serving sized portions. And sending home a menu to parents. OMG, I just love this. Maybe Michelle Obama watched and we can try this approach in a few test school lunch rooms. As if!

    • Janet — thanks — and wish you could start a grass-mail-roots movement to make the First Lady aware. YES! Sending home recommendations is remarkable

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  3. My son, the one I mentioned to you in the “About” page comment this past summer, let me know he woke up early in Denver just to watch CBS Sunday Morning (his and my tradition together) yesterday, and he said he saw this segment. He was telling me all about it, and I said that it sounded good! I decided to check in today, et voilà — here it is. Now I can tell him I saw it, too. Thank you, once again, for helping me and my son connect, even though we are an ocean away. 🙂


    It looks really good! 🙂

  5. The ’embed’ worked fine for me at blogger…ahem
    I told you not to do WordPress
    LOVE this video David.
    OK I LOVE all yr videos on Paris.
    Still waiting for the daily 30 seconds but peut-etre that’s asking a lot..?
    15 seconds of David T would work-I’ll settle

  6. Thank you for sharing one more reason to love the French….I can only imagine what this would look like in the U.S…..thanks David!

  7. Great segment! The lunches really *are* like that and the dinner suggestions are just as elaborate. My “Big Fry” floored me last week when I asked what he had for lunch and he said “chicken feet”. I was really stumped on this one until I realized he meant a Cordon Bleu cutlet commonly known as “Chausson de Poulet”, or chicken slippers. Whew, what a relief.

    P.S. Were those escargots at the high school, or bulots, a shellfish?

    La Mom
    An American Mom in Paris

    • yes, you’re right, those were bulots — there was a bit of confusion when Dominique told me because clearly he realised I didn’t know what they were and he said simply — “ok – escargots.” since then a french friend called to tell me.
      thanks for your comments, i appreciate them

  8. I am so jealous of the 2 month menu! I have a hard enough time making a menu for the week.

    Would you happen to know if any of these schools provide online access to their menus? could you drop a link?

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