Part of the purpose of this website is to prove to everybody that the old way of filmmaking died long ago. I’ve been shooting writing editing performing in … well blah blah blah – go to the “About Me” page to get that stuff. Point is you can make movies yourself and not just the kind of stuff people dump on YouTube.

Actually it’s even a little more zen than that: I’m not really going to TEACH you anything. If you’vere watched TV, gone to the movies, skimmed a magazine you already know about filmmaking intuitively. What I can do is help sort through all the stuff – what’s useful, what’s not. The stuff that might freak you out when you shoot. Cut it down to a short list like: Light, sound, setting and story. And finally editing.

What I’m going to do is spend a weekend with people who’re willing to dedicate serious thought and time to learning a distillation of what I’ve discovered in roughly forty years of making films. You”ll need a camera and a laptop with any of the basic editing softwares: iMovie, Windows Movie Maker, Sony Vegas or the higher end Final Cut, Final Cut Pro, Avid etc.

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